Our products

All of our juices are prepared by a modern process that keeps the essential physicochemical and nutrinional characteristics of the fruit. They are packaged very carefully, preserving colour, odor and flavour. Our main objective is to make our industrial and packaging costumers feel they are squeezing a fruit, when they open a JUCOFER container.


Jugos de las Colonias del Departamento Federación

About us

Cooperation in action
Our factory produces concentrated juice, essential oil and other citrus derivatives, adding value to the origin of the productive chain, generating jobs and strengthening the community cooperation of our region.

In order to satisfy the demand of our costumers, we use the latest technology on the market, meeting the highest standards of quality.

Our main advantage is that we are located in the center of the most favorable zone for citrus production. This guarantees our products to be pure, natural and healthy.