Our history

Jucofer formally began operating after being inaugurated on September 21, 2016 in the city of Villa del Rosario, Entre Ríos. The company was constituted as a Cooperative of citrus growers and packers from the southern zone of Corrientes to the northern zone of the Entre Ríos.

Since its inception, we have been gradually growing and accumulating experiences in terms of production, sales, client portfolio and internal development. Our operation represents a significant contribution to the industrialization of the area and the promotion of the citrus sector.

Throughout these years, we have maintained a close relationship with our producer partners. They play a fundamental role in the development of production processes through the contribution of citrus fruit that, due to their quality or other characteristics inherent to marketing, are not destined for export or sale in the local market of fresh fruits. In this way, we increase the commercial potential of their fruit and obtain beneficial results for the parties in said exchange; all the fruit is used and the production cost is recovered.

To this end, our Cooperative has managed to establish itself as an important actor in setting the price of raw materials for industry, since prior to its start-up, producers received an amount from private industries that was not enough to cover the cost of the harvest and logistics, added to the fact that the payment term was sometimes not immediate.

Nowadays, the price of the fruit is determined taking into account the cost of the rest of the inputs necessary to make the product and put it on the market and, of course, considering the sale price. By this way, the producer receives more and better benefits for his business.

With our products, we landed into new markets in different countries around the world, such as: Spain, Italy, Israel, the United States, among others. This economic activity translates into expansion, improvements, opportunities and greater sales options that guarantee the disposal of the production, in case the internal market cannot absolve it or it is not profitable.

This continuous improvement process made it possible for us to establish ourselves as a fiscal warehouse in 2020, making us able to consolidate exports in the plant itself, thus reporting lower operating costs and a notable improvement in logistics, positively impacting the relationship with customers.

With sustained effort and perseverance, we have obtained different quality certifications in the production; such as HACCP, Kosher, SGF and the latest and most important, achieved in 2021, FSSC22000.

In conclusion, our factory, throughout its recent history, has improved the terms and the sale price citrus fruit to producers in the region, as well as to generate added value. An important source of work, either direct or indirect, that bets on the industry throughout the citrus region of the Northeast of Entre Ríos.


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