About us


We are a factory in the north-east of Entre Ríos dedicated to the production of products derived from citrus. We make use of our privileged location, the epicenter of this type of fruit production, to make the most of the properties of these highly valued fruits in international markets.

Our company is constituted as a Cooperative of citrus producers and packers of the east coast, which ranges from the north of the department of Concordia (Province of Entre Ríos) to the department of Monte Caseros (Province of Corrientes), whose purpose is to industrialize the raw material. Under this work modality, it is intended to add value at origin and officiate as a price maker for the industry.

With a total of 232 partners, we work side by side exchanging knowledge and experiences to maximize our quality standards and strengthen with our joint actions the growth and consolidation of the sector at the regional, provincial and national levels.

We produce and commercialize concentrated juices, essential oils and other citrus derivatives, adding value at the origin of the production chain, generating employment and strengthening community participation.

To meet the demands of increasingly demanding consumers, we use state-of-the-art technology and adhere to the highest quality standards with a view to surpassing ourselves, advancing and tirelessly dedicating ourselves to the pursuit of excellence.

The production processes adopted by our factory were designed and materialized to create pure, genuine, natural and, above all, healthy products that identify and represent us.

Mission, values and vision

  • Mission:

We are a company dedicated to the production, industrialization and marketing of citrus products. We guide our efforts in the permanent search for quality, commitment to sustainability and progress towards innovation and development.

  • Vision:

To be a citrus cooperative company that stands out for its high production standards, product quality, implementation of sustainable practices and cordial and personalized treatment of our customers. Achieving excellence in the industry is our motivation. We work to be a respected and trusted leading company in the production of concentrated juices and essential oils.

  • Values:

Due to our cooperative nature, we adopt as fundamental these values ​​that define our work philosophy:

Commitment: in the fulfillment of our Mission and Vision; These guidelines lead us and encourage us to improve every day. Each partner responsibly assumes his task to fulfill them.

Solidarity: we take on challenges together and act together, helping each other with transparency, honesty and social responsibility.

Care for the environment: We are environmentally responsible and consequently develop production and industrialization policies that mitigate our impact on the environment.

Quality: reaching and ensuring high quality standards is our goal; each step of the production process tends to it. We carefully select our fruits, we perfect the manufacture and we are in every detail so that the final products reflect them and identify us.


  • Ensure the quality and safety of our products, from primary production to arrival at our customers’ facilities, meeting the established objectives.
  • Maximize the quality of marketed products and preserve their characteristic flavors.
  • Strengthen local and regional economies through mutually beneficial negotiations that promote the development of the citrus sector and its industrialization.
  • Represent the productive and innovative potential of the industrial and food sector of our citrus area.
  • Meet the demands of our customers by offering products that meet local and international regulatory requirements.
  • Work on the prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses of our employees, contractors and visitors, promoting the participation of all, to achieve a safe work environment.
  • Ensure that our production systems are respectful of the environment.
  • Preserve, increase and consolidate innovation and learning in the domain of management and operational processes in an environment of continuous improvement, ensuring the competence of all staff.
  • Develop communication channels, both internal and external, that allow responding to information demands related to the Food Safety Management System.
  • Establish a close link with the interested parties, fulfilling their expectations and the objectives set.